Why TwinRock Partners Accepts Bitcoin

A lot of people have made a lot of money with Bitcoin in a very short period of time.
Those lucky enough to have purchased Bitcoin from its introduction back in 2009 for less than a penny per Coin have seen the price rise to over $17,000 per Bitcoin.
Just over the last year alone, the value of a single Bitcoin has increased by about 2100%.
A Bitcoin purchased for around $780 one year ago is now worth $17,640, representing a buy-and-hold gain of nearly $17,000.

Return Of Capital

Experienced real estate investors understand there’s a difference between return on capital and return of capital.  

The former relates to the cash flow, appreciation and profits of the property.  The latter is about getting all of your money back – the capital that was originally invested.

Successful investors of all types know that sooner or later the time comes to withdraw the original capital invested and put that money to other uses.  

This is true regardless of whether the investment is stocks, bonds, precious metals, currencies, or Bitcoin.

TwinRock Partners, Bitcoin & Real Estate

That’s why TwinRock Partners now accepts Bitcoin as a way to invest in our funds.

The same way that Subway, Microsoft, Bloomberg.com, and Euro Pacific accept the cryptocurrency as a method of payment, you can now allocate some of your Bitcoin holdings to group investing with TwinRock.

Although it’s quite possible that Bitcoin will continue to increase in price over time, that fact is that it’s still a virtual currency.  Cryptocurrencies can lose value through hacking, government intervention and regulation, or simply disappear into thin air.

After all, that’s why they’re called virtual.

Real estate, on the other hand, is something that investors can see and feel.  It’s a physical asset that over hundreds of years has proven to be the single greatest way to create, grow and keep wealth from one generation to the next.

Solid Company, Proven Performance

Last week we wrote about the dangers of investing in companies offering ICOs – initial coin offerings – backed by real estate.

Many of these offerings are run by crowd funding gurus who are good at raising money, but who know nothing about investment real estate.  Others are simply virtual companies located nowhere but on the Internet, unregulated by any government agency anywhere in the world.

You have no idea who these guys are, what they’re going to invest in, and where their offices are.

That’s why Bitcoin investors wanting to turn part of their profits into something more tangible are turning to TwinRock Partners.

If you’re looking for a way to invest your original Bitcoin capital into a hard asset like income producing real estate, please contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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