Sitting Down With CNN Money: CEO Alex Philips Chats U.S. Markets and the Global Economy with Paul La Monica

TwinRock Partner’s CEO Alex Philips recently sat down with CNN Money Digital Correspondent Paul LaMonica to chat about the U.S.  Markets, investing in real estate, and the Trump administration’s effect on the markets. Here are key insights from inside the discussion:

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U.S. Markets – The U.S. markets have been in a euphoric state since the trump administration took office and are likely to rally well into Q1. TwinRock originally predicted a pre-election recession, specifically as it relates to the U.S. housing market, however the market frenzy has postponed any event related to this until Q3 at the earliest.

Economic Growth – The latest jobs report in addition to rallying markets points toward a healthy U.S. economy that is likely to keep growing throughout 2017. Of note is that wage growth continues to lag and is something we’ll be monitoring closely.

Trump Effect – Trump’s administration has brought with it a pro-business plan. Support for U.S. businesses will continue to spur economic growth and in turn support U.S. markets – so capitalize while you can.

Beyond U.S. Borders – For those who don’t want to wait for the U.S. markets to correct themselves, heading north to Canada is a viable option – specifically the Alberta province. TwinRock Partners is bullish on Alberta; it has identified the Alberta housing market as one primed for upward growth as it is currently at a historic low. TwinRock is capitalizing on its contrarian thesis with this opportunity. Check out the Rock Fund VII-A prospectus for more details on real estate opportunities across the border.

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