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What Investors Are Saying

“Mike and I worked together at Kenneth Leventhal & Company, so I have known Mike for many years and trust him and his firm with my investments. Since Mike and Alex are very smart guys, I never feel like I have to call them to check on how my investments are performing. I am confident they are performing as expected.”

GUY JOHNSONChairman & CEO, Johnson Capital

“I have known Mike Meyer and Alex Philips independently for eight years. Recently, when I began looking for real estate investments, I turned to TwinRock Partners. They are very forthcoming, honest, and transparent with all their business dealings. So far, everything they have estimated has been accurate. I couldn't be more confident than I am in TwinRock Partners with my investments.”

KATHARINE NITTA, M.D. Plastic Surgeon

“As a long time investor in real estate limited partnerships, I was introduced to TwinRock Partners by a previous contact in this area. After investing in a number of their projects, I have been impressed by their continual search for investment opportunities and their ability to find them. The attention to detail in structuring each investment and subsequent management has resulted in returns on investment in line with projections. TwinRock Partners delivers.”

GEORGE GADE, M.D.Neurological Surgeon

“What attracted me to TwinRock was my relationship with Mike Meyer, who I knew had exceptional knowledge about real estate and very high integrity. What convinced me to invest with TwinRock was their disciplined approach to the selection of properties for their portfolio. I appreciated their strict adherence to very sensible selection criteria, and I appreciated the very fair structure of their partnerships. My experience with Mike and Alex has exceeded my expectations. They are very strategic in their approach and very good communicators. I look forward to continuing to invest with them in the future.”

PAUL MOTENKOChief Executive Officer, Stacked

“I allocate a portion of my net worth to special purpose investments in industries I know and understand. I have been in the real estate industry for my entire career with exposure to many analytical approaches. It is my desire to invest with sponsors that are rigorous in their due diligence for my reliance. I trust that TwinRock undertakes comprehensive market and asset due diligence before each acquisition.”

SCOTT SKINNERManaging Partner, Skinner Fouch & Olson LLP

“Michael and I have known each other since the mid-1980’s. I have the greatest respect for Michael’s personal integrity and for his property related knowledge. I met Alex when I commenced investing with TwinRock a few years ago. I find him to be experienced, highly motivated, friendly and approachable. Together, Michael and Alex make a dynamic team. I have invested with TwinRock because I believe their investment model offers a rare combination that is risk averse while still offering strong returns. TwinRock has always delivered on prospectus forecasts seamlessly. I am looking forward to the next deal.”

GEORGE WALESDirector, Silas Pty Ltd, Casuarina, NSW, Australia

“I have known Mike Meyer for over 30 years on both a professional and personal level. I met Alex Phillips five years ago when I began my association with TwinRock Partners as an investor in numerous real estate ventures. Mike possess superior knowledge and has vast experience in the real estate industry. More importantly, beyond their professionalism and competency, I trust Mike and Alex with my capital. Honesty, integrity, trust and transparency are key attributes that they bring to the table. I have referred prospective investors and I will continue to invest with TwinRock Partners.”

BARRY MEVORACHPartner, Kenneth Leventhal & Co and Ernst & Young LLP (ret.)

“As a banker and then a land broker, my career has revolved around real estate as both an asset and an investment. When I invest in real estate for my personal portfolio, I want to work with someone who knows real estate as well as I do, if not better. Why I value working with TwinRock Partners is that I know Mike and Alex are highly knowledgeable about real estate assets as an investment and have a steady hand on the operating performance of their funds. As the name of their firm implies, they are solid.”

TOM DOYLEPartner, WD Land

“I am a recent investor with TwinRock and I appreciate the personal touch that I get from Mike and Alex. My investment goal is to find opportunities outside of California where it's not so competitive and where I can secure solid investments that provide a decent yield at lower risk with good upside potential and asset appreciation over time. My investment with TwinRock has met my goal with flying colors and I would certainly invest with them again.”

BILL MCFARLANDFormer CEO of The Irvine Company Apartments and Community Development

“With real estate prices what they are in California today, it’s very difficult if not nearly impossible to find an investment opportunity, especially in the coastal areas, that makes sense unless you are extremely wealthy or have access to capital from an outside source. For this reason, I like TwinRock’s strategy to acquire multifamily properties outside of California in markets where selected real estate assets are still relatively affordable and the upside metrics are attractive for investors such as myself. I know that when Mike and Alex acquire one of these properties, they have done their homework based on their many years of investment experience and success.”

DON GIUDICEEntrepreneur/Real Estate Investor

“I have known Mike and Alex independently for over a decade. They are honest, hard-working and transparent, and have delivered great results in the investments I have made with them. As a commercial mortgage banker, I tend to scrutinize real estate deals heavily before I invest. The TwinRock deals have looked good on paper and the results have been in line with their projections. I would both continue to invest with them and refer to people I know.”

ORY SCHWARTZSr. Vice President/Managing Director, NorthMarq Capital

“As an active investor at Buchanan Street, I am regularly making and evaluating real estate investment opportunities. I’ve diversified my own portfolio by investing with TwinRock, as I have been impressed with their investments predictable cash flow, excellent value basis and geographic diversification. Of equal importance to me is their transparency of information sharing and thoroughness of quarterly reports.”

ROBERT S. BRUNSWICKChief Executive Officer, Buchanan Street Partners

“I value my association with TwinRock Partners and rely on their investment advice. If I have questions about which of their fund opportunities makes the most sense for me, I am confident that their answer will always be the one that best fits my personal investment goals. I trust them unequivocally because very few people have a better grasp of real estate values and investments than Mike and Alex.”

DAVID HARBOURSenior Land Advisor, WD Land

“Going into any investment with some skepticism has proven to be prudent. TwinRock took the time to answer questions and provide relevant breadth and depth of research to assist me in making my investment decision. I have been impressed with their consistent record and detailed quarterly reporting. Finally, having quick access to either Mike or Alex to answer questions has added to a level of trust that is not easy to find in the fund investment arena.”

FRANK ELLISChief Executive Officer, Silverback Advisors

“Alex reached out to us to find an off-market project in the greater Tulsa area that fit the TwinRock model. After finding a suitable property for them and hearing more about their plans, we felt like this was a terrific opportunity to partner with TwinRock. We felt the combination of an exceptional location near a large medical park, the price at which they were ultimately able to negotiate in their favor, and the level of strategic capital improvements based on their substantial market research that there was a significant opportunity to improve value and we couldn’t pass it up.”

BENJAMIN DAVISAssociate Partner, NAI Commercial Properties, Tulsa, OK

“I’ve known Mike for a long time, and I like to work with people I know and respect. Because of my association with Mike and now Alex, I can pick up the phone and call them at any time and talk to them immediately or very quickly get a call back. As far as my two investments with TwinRock are concerned, I would rate them as being very satisfactory. I would certainly invest with them again and I would not hesitate to refer people I know to TwinRock.”

PAUL PFEIFFERVice President / Chief Financial Officer, Snyder Langston

“I am happy with the results from my TRP investments. I am pleased by their professionalism and responsiveness. I believe my strongest recommendation is my investing behavior - I invested in TRP, and I continue to invest with TRP. I am now invested in five TRP offerings.”

ELLIOT GORDONBoard Member and Volunteer

“One thing that I have learned during my career as an executive and entrepreneur is that there are as many opportunities to fail as there are to succeed. I have always preferred success, so when I decided to broaden my investment portfolio, I selected TwinRock Partners because I know that Mike and Alex have been very successful with their investment funds.”


“I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to invest with Mike and Alex who have proven themselves to be trustworthy, knowledgeable, and professional. I appreciate the regular cash flow and periodic equity return. I look forward to capitalizing on their foresight with investments and future projects.”

JON FEDEREstate Planning Attorney

“As someone who has spent most of his professional career advising others on investments and wealth management, I am obviously careful about my own investment portfolio and with whom I invest. Not only do I feel completely comfortable investing in real estate with TwinRock Partners, but I am confident that Mike and Alex will continue to offer their investors solid opportunities for attractive returns over the longer term. I trust them and I like their strategy.”

STEVEN WEBERManaging Director, Morgan Stanley

“We manage a portfolio of wide-ranging investments and we recently decided to diversify into multi-family real estate opportunities. We are very satisfied with TwinRock Partners and the real estate investments they have made under the guidance of Mike and Alex. They have deep experience in real estate, their research is top notch, and together with their professional staff, they make a great team.”

MARK DRAPERSpring Creek Investors

“As a retired insurance company executive, I have always been focused on the risks associated with the investments that I make. Although real estate has attractive upsides, it also comes with risks, especially for an investor who might not be completely attuned to the ebb and flow real estate assets. Mike and Alex have demonstrated experience and expertise in real estate investing, and while no investment is totally without risk, I am confident that they will minimize the risks associated with their funds and will manage the assets intelligently to maximize the returns for their investors.”

PETE RABBITTInsurance Company Executive (ret.)

“It is important to align yourself with individuals who are intelligent, hard working and have high integrity. Having been associated with Mike for over 45 years and more recently working with Alex, I am certain that they possess those qualities.”

GARY WESCOMBEPartner, Kenneth Leventhal & Co and Ernst & Young LLP (ret.)
  • TRP specializes in alternative investment opportunities and hedge funds including high-yield bonds.
  • We perform in-depth market research and analysis to hand-select deals for our investors. Using our Investment Matrix and our nationwide network, we often find “diamonds in the rough” — opportunities that other firms overlook.
  • We manage everything so you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of. And we believe in full transparency. At any time, our investors can log in and view real-time updates on their investments.

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